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Pre 1930s

There is some evidence gathered by the Museum of British Surfing of stand up surfing in Britain before 1930. Bellyboarding and wave riding were enjoyed by many.

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The Pioneers – when individuals went alone into the unknown with homemade surfboards.

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The birth of a lifestyle. The early 60s saw the beginnings of a surf culture in Britain.

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A decade of experimentation and the new shortboard revolution

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Money begins to enter the world of surfing and the surfing equipment and fashion industries evolve.

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Professional surfing and international industry sell surfing to the world; the UK is connected to a worldwide commercial surf culture

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British society recognises surfing as a mainstream sport. Web cams and surfing websites mean that more people can access surf culture. UK surfers take the new frontier of big wave riding to a global stage.

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The First Wave has collected peoples’ reflections about contemporary surfing and how the sport might develop.

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