Sam Bleakley

Sam Bleakley took up longboarding in the early 1990s and became European champion. The son of Alan ‘Fuz’ Bleakely, he lives in Gwenver, nr Sennen. He started surfing with his father aged 5.

Interview: Rachel Yates 29/09/12 Ref: AV4018

Full interview available in The First Wave Archive.

Rich surf culture

Professional surfer Sam Bleakley marvels out how surfing culture has developed in the UK during his lifetime.

Surfing democracy

Today there are more surfers in the UK than ever before. Writer and surfer Sam Bleakley puts it down to changes in board design.

Spiritualism vs sponsorship

As a professional surfer, Sam Bleakley considers the difficulty in balancing the pressures of being sponsored with the more spiritual side of the sport.

SAS – Britain’s pride

Surfers have a close relationship with the natural environment, but boards are made of petrochemicals. Writer and surfer Sam Bleakley considers how attitudes to the environment have changed over the years and how Britain leads the way.

Flashy young hotshots

Writer and professional surfer Sam Bleakley remembers some of the surfers that influenced him when he was younger.

Skinny to baggy and back

Sam Bleakley recalls how fashion has changed over the time that he has been surfing.

A sense of place

Writer and surfer Sam Bleakley considers his love for his home break - Gwenver near Sennen in West Cornwall.

Fear and adrenaline

Professional surfer Sam Bleakley recalls surfing a reef with his father as a child, and the value of fear.

The Gwenver goddess

Professional surfer Sam Bleakley has a close relationship with his home break, Gwenver, near Sennon. But he describes here how he still has a healthy respect for the wave.

California 3 years ahead

Writer and surfer Sam Bleakley describes the how the exchange of ideas and equipment with the Californian surf scene was a formative part of both his surfing and the sport in general in the UK.

Sent electricity through me

Although Sam Bleakley regards Cornwall as his spiritual home, his first solo wave was in California.

Hanging five

As a professional longboard surfer, Sam Bleakley talks about the unique sensation of riding with his toes over the nose of the board.

The smell of the surf

For writer and surfer Sam Bleakley, surfing is a sensory experience. Here he talks about some of the smells that evoke happy surfing memories.