Roger Mansfield

Roger Mansfield was born in Newquay. He learned to surf aged 6 and was British Surfing Champion in 1970. He curated the ‘Surf’s Up’ exhibition in 2004 and wrote ‘The Surfing Tribe – A History of British Surfing’ in 2009. He is Research Consultant for ‘The First Wave’.

Interview: Level Films (video) and Richard Lander students Esme Shepherd and Jasmine Bensilum Ref: AV4095/ AV4007/ AV4008

Full interview available in The First Wave Archive.

Surf spots



The Surfing Tribe

First stand-up surf

Boards in the 50s

Surf music

Bill inspired me

No surfing scene

Importance of image

20 surfers in town

Board evolution

Bilbo surfboard team


Early innocence

The birth of competitions

Starting surfing

Evolution of surfboards

Surfing cult

The Cribbar ’66

Beach Boys identity