Norman Frost

Norman Frost joined Porthtowan SLSC in the late 1950s. He founded Swell Surf Products, building surfboards that were easy to learn on. He is now a Director of Sustainable Composites, creating surfboards made of more eco-materials. He is married to Pip Frost.

Interview: Dominica Williamson 30/10/13 Ref: AV4052

Full interview available in The First Wave Archive.

Materials have changed

Clubbie/surfer split

Swell boards

Finding the surf

Were there wetsuits?

Porthtowan women surfers

243 brass screws

Before surfboards

Inspired by films

Mike Hendy’s board

The balsa tree

Will eco boards succeed?

The Cornish and Open

First contests

The Marigold bus

Board fashions

Cost of boards and VAT

It began with bodysurfing