Johnny Manetta

Johnny Manetta moved to Cornwall from London in 1969/70. He has been shaping boards and part of Tris Surf Shop in Porthtowan since 1974 and organised the Cornish and Open through the 70s and 80s.

Interview: Dominica Williamson 07/10/12 Ref: AV4043

Full interview available in The First Wave Archive.

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Winter attire

Clubbies and surfers

Surfers as wasters

3 dimensions of surfing

Vera Wilson & SAS

Surfers and SLSCs

Tris Surfboards begins

Pioneers and shapers

First green wave

First board

From cult to sport

Taking over the C&O

Cornish and Open

Moony McCullan

Catching the bug

Wooly jumper and shorts